What is prostate massage?

The prostate is a small gland which, in addition to its primary function of secreting seminal fluid, is an area of ​​intense pleasure and quite mysterious because we do not know all that its stimulation can provide. Indeed, to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to go through the anal sphincter which is very innervated and muscular, which means that the prostate massage brings a deep and visceral sensation of pleasure and ecstasy, which can be likened to the deep orgasm that the woman experiences.

How to locate the prostate?

To perform a prostate massage, you have to start by finding the small organ of pleasure. Located under the bladder, there is no choice but to pass from the anus through the rectum and then travel approximately 3 inches to reach it. To stimulate the small ball, it is possible to use the finger, middle finger or index finger, but also a suitable object, namely a prostate massager. With your finger, after 7 cm of exploration, you will feel a soft and soft lump against the upper wall (bladder side). Under the effect of gentle stimulation, the prostate will swell a little. It is necessary to have clean hands and well cut nails because the walls of the rectum are very sensitive and fragile… And the principle is to do good! With a prostate massager, you can’t go wrong,

Prostate massage: to do solo or in duo

For the man to reach a deep orgasm, he can explore his anatomy solo or prefer to do it as a duo. If you’ve decided to do this together and you’re not yet prostate experts, it’s important to take it slow. To begin with, the man must be in a comfortable position, which obviously allows easy access to his prostate. For example, he can lie on his back and slightly bend his knees, while putting a pillow under his pelvis for more comfort.

How to achieve prostatic orgasm?

The atmosphere must lend itself to this little game, that is to say that the gentleman must be sexually aroused and relaxed. If you have a relationship of trust, he is unlikely to be stressed. And if that’s the case all the same, relax him with massages , caresses, kisses… When he’s relaxed, you can start by caressing the outline of his anus and his perineum. Also, you can take an interest in his penis, masturbating him or giving him a blowjob to make him crazy with excitement.. When you feel the time is right, you can insert your finger or the prostate massager into her rectum. To achieve this more easily, it is possible to use suitable lubricant so that the crossing is done smoothly. Even if your partner is crazy with excitement, take it slow because the area is delicate and fragile. Also, be gentle so that he gradually gets used to the sensations he feels. There is no point in hurrying because it might surprise him, which would lead to stiffness … and there, the ascent to orgasm is over!

The movement to exercise to achieve prostate orgasm

Lorsque l’organe du plaisir est trouvé et bien identifié, il suffit juste de le caresser tout en délicatesse. Pour cela, vous pouvez plier, puis déplier doucement le bout de votre doigt comme si vous demandiez à quelqu’un de venir vers vous. En fonction des sensations que ressent votre partenaire, vous devez adapter l’intensité et le rythme des stimulations que vous exercez sur l’organe de plaisir. Vous pouvez aussi alterner de légers effleurements avec des mouvements plus appuyés, mais toujours très doux. Chaque homme a des sensations différentes. Alors, pour définir ce que le vôtre préfère, soyez tout simplement à l’écoute !

A naughty massage oil

Romantic evening in sight? To be the most beautiful, make a naughty massage oil that will satin your body and make you terribly sexy!

Duration: 10 mins

Maximum cost: 4.30 €


– 80 ml of sweet almond oil

– 20 ml of rosehip oil

– 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil

– 3 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oil


In a glass bottle, previously sterilized, pour the oils of sweet almond and rosehip. Drizzle with sandalwood essential oil, close the bottle and shake it gently to mix the ingredients whose textures are difficult to blend.

Repeat the operation after adding the 3 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oil. To optimize the benefits of this preparation, let it stand for at least 24 hours.

Start the massage with the solar plexus to relax your partner, then go down to the lower body, alternating between massages and caresses. Finish by focusing on the soles of the feet, the erogenous zone.

The result

Under the effect of the massage, the treatment gains heat, relaxes the muscles, and softens the skin.

The board

To add a little spice, excite the sense of smell by adding a few drops of hemp or ginseng perfume. Do not use this oil on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Pressure at work, conflict with children, constant rush in the transport … All these worries have repercussions on our body and knead it with tensions. And if neither our man nor a practitioner is willing to massage us, we are stuck!

The solution: self-massage! Relaxing your muscles and joints on your own to release tension is possible. Here are some tips from shiatsu master Philippe Ronce to give you a simple message, so that the energy contained in your belly (the hara) circulates in your body in the form of ki. A manual to follow to relax and avoid the pain of everyday life!

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