The effects of naturist massage on couples’ health problems

Some couples may face some health issues and some sexual dysfunctions such as low libido. In reality, this is one of the first reasons for consultation with the sex therapist. It is often caused by low testosterone, estrogen hormone deficiency, or a medical condition. Either way, a low libido is always a source of stress and frustration. To remedy this situation, many people turn to naturist massage. What does this practice consist of? Is It Really Beneficial For Your Sexual Health?

The principle of naturist massage

You have certainly already treated yourself to a classic massage in a wellness salon. Well, naturist massage is similar to this type of massage. This uses traditional massage techniques, and often the same products. The only difference lies in the outfit of the two parties, namely the masseur or the masseuse and the masseur. Indeed, each protagonist gets naked. You will not be covered by any fabric. Modesty and shame have no place in this practice. Remember that the practitioner’s hands can go over all parts of the body, including the private parts. By intervening on the latter, the techniques carried out therefore make it possible to remedy certain disorders.

The objective of a soft naturist massage session is to promote body stability and promote health. It allows for physical and emotional reconciliation. It also helps you to reclaim your body. It is a true discovery of sensual pleasure, which gives you a feeling of intense freedom. The naturist massage can be done alone or as a couple.

Naturist massage to improve erection

For a long time, studies show that in women, massage of the perineum repairs various problems. It relieves pelvic pain, facilitates childbirth and improves blood circulation. More recently, some people have revealed that massaging a man’s genital area is also beneficial. It improves the circulation of blood to his genitals. This would have the effect of strengthening erectile functions, and even fight against dysfunctions of the prostate. Also, using gentle movements in this area relaxes the body and lowers blood pressure.

Naturist massage is also beneficial for the male sexual experience. Performed by an experienced masseuse, it can solve problems related to erectile dysfunction. It is a massage that has the power to increase libido. It is also a rewarding discovery for many people. Some healthcare professionals recommend this treatment for some of their patients with libido disorder.

Naturist massage as a remedy for vaginismus and anorgasmia

It remains important to stress that men are not the only ones who can benefit from tantric massage. Women affected by vaginismus, characterized by pain, sometimes resort to this solution. The same is true for those affected by anorgasmia, a disorder manifested by the inability to have an orgasm. A nude massage can therefore be effective for various sexual problems. It helps remedy this without having to go through sexual acts.

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