Sensual massage: how and why to practice it?

Sensual massage is one of the most famous practices of the moment. It mainly aims to relax the body. In addition to its physical benefits, this art also brings several benefits to the mind. However, it is important to understand its techniques before embarking on it. This article, therefore, highlights how this practice works as well as its benefits.

The course of the sensual massage

You should know that sensual massage cannot be improvised. It requires specific techniques and knowledge to practice it well. First of all, it is necessary to carry it out in a room having a good thermal environment. The room must be well heated to maintain perfect well-being. This allows you to relieve the stress accumulated during the day and to relax. The creation of an intimate atmosphere also promotes a good sensual massage. The light should be subdued and the room filled with scented candles. Good music is also added to this good atmosphere so that the massed can feel very relaxed. Massage oils are also essential to indulge in a good sensual massage. They have specific virtues on health and well-being.

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This type of massage comes in various forms: body-body, tantric massage, etc. These different shapes have similar techniques. However, each type can have specific virtues. It is good to note that the course of a sensual massage session is not based on precise gestures. It all depends on the expectations of the masseuse and the inspirations of the masseur. The method used is still based on classic massage techniques, such as touching, pressure, etc. The masseur uses his hands to massage the back or the stomach of the person being massaged. For this nude massage, he uses his whole body. The idea would even be to wake up sexual tension.

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The benefits of sensual massage

This practice is much more than a simple massage. It acts, in fact, on physical and moral well-being. It brings an intense relaxation of the physiognomy and the spirit. Sensual massage helps to relax, let go and relax, which helps reduce physical pain and reduce feelings of stress, which is unfavorable for health. It is the origin of muscle pain and disorders. Fortunately, a good sensual massage can reduce all these ailments.

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Very often, this type of massage is practiced as a couple. This approach makes it possible to improve the relational quality of the latter. It helps to develop a sense of effective listening and to restore bodily communication. It develops an acceptance of oneself and of others. This practice also allows you to discover the body . It helps to accept the quality of her skin, her breath, her curves, and her sensuality. In other words, sensual massage helps improve self-esteem. It also helps to fill his lack of desire or pleasure. This deficiency can become a real obstacle for fulfilling sex life. Fortunately, this type of massage helps with this problem.

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