Oriental Fbsm massage London – particularities and benefits

The hammam is the first step in sensual oriental massage. The vapor it provides allows the pores to open to facilitate the evacuation of toxins. This steam bath also promotes relaxation of the muscles. After this first step, the professional masseuse intervenes to massage the entire body, from head to toe. She alternates between stroking and kneading to explore every surface of the body, right down to the toes through the genitals.

The practitioner can also use the other curves of his body to guarantee a perfect massage. Combining the softness and extreme sensuality, this massage allows you to reach the paroxysm of relaxation and combat stress. To live alone or in a couple, the sensual massage also makes it possible to release the sexual energy and to improve the sexual performance. If you want to live this experience, the Secret de D├ętente institute in Paris welcomes you in a peaceful and warm atmosphere. You can discover here the offers offered by this massage institute.

Body-body massage to awaken the senses

Perceived as one of the effective therapies against stress and tension, body-body Fbsm massage london brings benefits to the body and the mind. It is practiced naked and requires the use of all parts of the body. The masseuse uses her chest, stomach, forearm, and legs to stroke and exerts pressure. The sensual movements she performs will arouse desires and relax the muscles. The pleasures resulting from intimate contact will calm the mind and help the person massaged to reach a deep spirituality.

It also makes it easy to regain physical and emotional well-being. However, it should be noted that the body-body massage practiced in massage parlors has no sexual purpose. It can also be practiced as a couple, at home to strengthen intimate bonds and boost cravings. As in massage parlors, the session must take place in a zen and dimly lit atmosphere. 

Tantric massage – particularities and benefits

Tantric massage can be performed individually or as a couple. This discipline is practiced entirely naked. This is why the person massaged must define their expectations and impose their limits at the start of the session. It begins with meditation and breathing to get rid of daily stress and live the session with more serenity. The masseuse will then begin to massage slowly and gently, exploring each part of the body.

This practice brings well-being on different levels. It awakens the senses, promotes the circulation of energies, stimulates the body as a whole and restores bodily communication. Tantric massage also helps to develop the relationship with oneself, to reaffirm one’s love and sensuality. It allows the person massaged to discover another form of pleasure.   

Contrary to appearances, tantric massage is not – basically – a sexual massage. Drawing its roots from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, this millennial practice (it is at least 7000 years old!) Reconnects us to all parts of our body, helps us become aware of our sensations, and circulates our sexual energies. .

The physical and relational benefits of tantric massage

Tantric massage is an experience to try without hesitation, if you want to discover your partner differently and experience new things together, whether your sex life is fulfilling or not.

This type of very sensory massage is particularly recommended for people who suffer from a drop in libido and who wish to stimulate or boost their sexual desire. The couples who encounter problems with their sexuality, or who can no longer communicate in everyday life, who sometimes find themselves at an impasse, can also turn to tantric massage to reconnect and rediscover a different way. This recourse to the senses can indeed help to unblock complicated couple relationship situations and to ease both physical and mental tensions.

Also, precocious ejaculators can benefit from the benefits of this practice, since the idea with tantric massage is to somehow achieve a form of orgasm, but without penetration or ejaculation. A good way to experience pleasure other than through masturbation or penetration.

Finally, by practicing, we let go, letting go is essential to take advantage of this deep relaxation.

It is a sensual massage (since it awakens our senses and our desire) but not a sexual massage (nothing to do with masturbation). Thanks to him, blockages, complexes, disappear and sexuality is appeased.

Tantric massage: what is it in practice?

It is generally carried out on a mattress placed on the floor, in a setting conducive to relaxation, relaxation, as well as internal travel. The lights are dim.

The massaged person is naked; the masseur’s movements are slow, supported, and linger on all parts of the body (including the genitals which are massaged like any other organ).

The massage lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes and can be received solo or as a couple. The masseur can sometimes use essential oils.

Tantric massage: what not to do

To rush. To enjoy the benefits of massage, it is essential to take your time. Start if necessary with a time, more or less long, of silence. Facing each other, hands in contact or not, look each other in the eyes and let the connections and messages pass, only through the gaze. When you feel it, continue and start the massages …

Wanting at all costs to be in the intensity. The particularity of tantric massage is that everything is in the subtlety. The desire, the pleasure rise little by little during the practice, to feel the effects, it is necessary that the senses are on alert. The search for performance or intensity in the feeling can distort everything … Just enjoy this moment together!

Overthinking. How to satisfy the other? What if I don’t feel anything? What if I don’t do it right? STOP! The watchword is letting go. If the pursuit of performance is not relevant, overthinking can also spoil this moment. Leave your worries and little hassles aside, and as you practice, let your thoughts slip, positive or negative, much as if you were meditating, and agree to be there, here and now. Deep relaxation guaranteed …

Tantric massage: 3 techniques to test

Coat your hands with massage oil and, standing at the side of your partner’s head (who is lying on their stomach), slide your hands along their back, from the shoulders to the buttocks, with a slow, supported. Then, go up to the level of the shoulder blades and apply the oil in a rotating motion with your hands flat. Repeat the movement at the top of the buttocks.

Sitting between the oiled thighs of your partner (who is lying on his back, legs apart), slowly go up along his legs, exerting small tapping with the tips of the fingers. The hand does not touch the thigh. Repeat the movement on your partner’s back (lying down on your stomach) starting from the buttocks to the shoulder blades.

Place both hands flat on your partner’s shoulder blades: your arms are outstretched and you exert significant pressure. Then, slide your hands towards the neck and go down on either side of his body; it is about redefining the contours of its silhouette. Go up towards the buttocks, put your two hands flat at the bottom of the spine, exert pressure and go back to the shoulder blades, again following the outline of the silhouette.

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